DTC High-End-Anpassung“ auf der Interzum Guangzhou 2021

DTC High-End-Anpassung“ auf der Interzum Guangzhou 2021



    In the theme conference "Being With DTC", DTC released 12 new products, which opened the door to high-end customization.

    DTC has developed and upgraded a series of hardware to meet the increasing demand for customization in the market. Among them, PURE-PRO slim side drawer system and STORA-PRO wire-basket reflect more the high-end custom temperament compared to traditional products

    In this event, Dr. Jiang was invited to give a speech on the “Development Trend and Opportunities of Home Hardware”, introducing and analyzing the general situation of the hardware industry.

    During the exhibition, DTC also introduced the unique brand store display system in the forum of "Dialogue with Agents". This is a two-year project and the upgraded DTC stores will be unveiled in many cities across China, providing flagship windows for local agents.